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It would be foolish and a waste of time for me to post a tutorial on this, since there are already so many superior sources, but I figured I would share a few thoughts on Android tinkering and the evolution of the mobile space in general.

First off, if for whatever reason you’re reading this and have no interest in mobile phones or related technologies, you should.  Seriously, if you’re under 50 or so and still have to make money in your life in order to retire at a decent age, ignoring this space in business and society at large amounts to you effectively phasing yourself out of the world.  Whether it’s the job market or just everyday conversation, there is essentially no longer room for the ones who don’t get it and don’t want to.  We are in the age of continual individual evolution.  Young people don’t get to learn a skill set and stick with it until Social Security anymore.  Everything changes all the time, and you either keep up or you drown.  Try and keep an open mind.

Mobile technology is related to just about every topic from every angle these days.  In the not very near future, the majority of small everyday transactions will be conducted using mobile devices as the payment medium.  In 5-10 years, people just using a credit card will look like habitual check-writers do today, slow and irritating.  You don’t have to like any of this.  It’s happening whether you like it or not.  I can’t think of very many topics that are simultaneously more fascinating AND terrifying at the same time.

On to a few technical notes.  Yesterday I unlocked and rooted a friend’s Inspire 4g.  It was a relative pain in the ass, and after a couple hours of raw frustration, like with so many other things in life, the eventual solution was also the most simple one, and the last one to be thought of (wow what a bad run-on sentence, now I just need to put it all in CAPS).  Creating the goldcard was easy, where I screwed up was in having appropriate drivers for the device installed on my computer.  I absolutely could NOT get the adb (Android Debug Bridge) to detect the device, even after all the standard update attempts. The only way to get any kind of drivers for this thing was to go to HTC’s site and install their bloatware that lets you sync things like Outlook contacts to your phone.  After that *poof* no problems with the adb.  After that, it was just some more tedium to get everything pushed to the phone needed to complete the root and flash the radio and install CyanogenMod. Long story short, fellow Android amateurs, never underestimate the power of the OEMs to either intentionally or unintentionally make our lives needlessly frustrating.

Seriously, locked bootloaders, creating goldcards, why do these manufacturers bother?  People much more talented than I will come up with easy enough workarounds for the rest of us every time.  They really just need to save themselves a lot of time, and let us do what we want with these devices.  The majority of users don’t care and will never bother with any of this, and the ones of us who do care will then just expend a lot of time to circumvent their ridiculousness.  It’s akin to software piracy in the games industry (although I refuse to see any moral parallel between piracy and phone rooting), where legit buyers will always just buy, and pirates will always find a way to a free copy no matter what kind of DRM gets slapped on the the game.


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