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The GD Daily, 06/18/11

As expected, I have already failed to make these posts daily, but if to tell the truth I never really expected that to ever really be the case. Today was quite the bust. Our weather continues to disappoint, to the point of depression. The garden’s sunlovers suffer, and unless the summer is a long one, this year looks to be even worse than the last.

I plan on starting specific pieces for this site in the near future. I would like someone to read something at some point, I just need to have something worthy of reading.


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The GD Daily, 06/14/11

This site is for anyone and no one, really.  Having exhausted my tolerance for social media and craving a greater sense of cowardly online anonymity, I’ve decided to start my own page where I can house my own thoughts, and hopefully some useful things that I can share with others.  For anyone who might stumble on this page, I’m a married father in my twenties, with more time on my hands than money.  Time often comes up short as well with young children in the house, so this site is also an exercise in effective time usage in the spirit of Carpe Diem.

Interests that I intend on touching on this site include current events, horticulture, humor (probably often somewhat inappropriate, but nothing morbid or disgusting), music, and games.

So if you find your way here, and you find some common interests, please come back and drop a comment or two.

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